Become an OP Member!


and level up your experience!


Join the community and compete with friends.


Up your game and track your stats!


Create a franchise, earn special awards, and get early access to new stuff!


Join the community and compete with friends

Compete in circuits for bragging rights

Earn weekly and seasonal trophies

Customize your player and team profiles

Join a franchise


Up your game and track your stats.

$5 /month

Billed Annually

(or $7.50 billed monthly)

All Community benefits

Access to player and team stats

Access to the members only discord channel

Buffed badge on your IGL profile and Buffed discord role

Live Now" Discord role when streaming


Create a franchise and earn special awards.

$8.33 /month

Billed Annually

(or $10 billed monthly)

Everything from Community and Buffed

OP, Plz Nerf Discord role

Create your own franchise! Own multiple teams and track trophies across seasons!

Early access to new website features, perks, and insights

OP badge on your IGL profile

Store unlimited trophies in your trophy case


Will all your Circuits still be free to play in?

Yes! Anyone can sign up a team for a Circuit and be able to fully participate in them for free! This includes both Circuit play (6 weeks of one match per week) and Playoffs

Will there be any separation of teams based on Membership level?

No! All teams and players, no matter their Membership level, will all play together in the same Circuit. However, players are separated into divisions based on skill level.

Do I have to buy a Membership at a certain time?

No, you can buy a Membership at any point in time! Your Membership perks will activate immediately!

What are IGL Franchises?

Franchises are a Membership perk for our OP Members. Through this Membership benefit, OP Members can build their own organization within IGL!

Some of the benefits of owning your own franchise include:

  • Dedicated Franchise page on the IGL website. Track all your players, teams, and trophies in one place!
  • Access to the private Franchise Owners channel in the IGL Discord
  • "Franchise Owner" role in the IGL Discord
  • Franchise Trophies - dedicated trophies that only your Franchise players can earn!

Will you be adding more features to the Memberships in the future?

Yes, we have plans to continue to expand the Membership program! If there are things you'd like to see, feel free to share them in the #product-ideas channel in the IGL Discord.

What happens to my franchise if I cancel my Membership?

If you cancel your Membership, you will be able to retain your Franchise until your Membership expires. Once your Membership expires, you will be given 30 days to either renew your Membership or assign a new OP Member to be the owner of your Franchise.

If there is not an OP Member to take over the Franchise after 30 days have passed, your Franchise will be removed from the website and all Trophies, Teams, and Players will be removed from the Franchise. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.